Immune Defences

The benefits of 1 billion live cells

With Echinacea and Acerola to support the body’s natural defences The infusion is enhanced by the presence of no less than 1 billion live cells of the probiotic Bacillus coagulans BC30™, which exerts a beneficial effect on the balance of the intestinal flora, which can be altered by various factors. The probiotics in the infusion reach the intestine alive and active, ready to perform their function.

Place the filter in a cup and gently add water at a temperature of 80° C, not directly onto the filter

Leave to infuse for 3 minutes. It is recommended to consume 1 cup of herbal tea a day on a regular basis.


Organoleptic features

· Pungent

· Thirst-quenching


Main Properties

· The body’s natural defences.

· Function of the urinary tract.

· Function of the upper respiratory tract.