Nature at any time of the day

The solution for all requirements. The perfect taste for every palate. Bonomelli has developed a wide range of different products that meet all the consumer’s needs and complement their moods at different times of the day.

Filtrofiore Chamomile

It is instantly recognisable due to its characteristic intense scent and unmistakeable aroma. Chamomile tea made with all the parts of the flower, full of all the active principles contained in the essential oils.

Sifted Chamomile

We only use pure flower heads, selecting the cylindrical tubular flowers to preserve all the organoleptic qualities intact.

Instant Chamomile

The fastest, most immediate way to savour chamomile. A range of excellent products for consumption hot or cold, offering various tastes and sweeteners (such as Soluble Chamomile with Honey and Orange or with Melatonin and Magnesium).

WellNess Herbal Teas

The Master Blenders have developed these blends to offer drinks with a pleasant taste. Every herbal tea always consists of:
– medicinal plants and concentrated herbal extracts, to guarantee the benefits and functionality of the recipe
– herbs and fruit, to enhance the roundness and goodness of the product

The raw material is prepared using the filter cutting method: in fact, the plants are dried and chopped finely to ensure short infusion times and give the drink a high yield when extracting the functional active principles.

In this way, the Bonomelli Master Blenders have developed a wide range of herbal teas, some of which can be prepared with both hot and cold water, offering a pleasant, natural way to pamper yourself.
They have selected the plants, chosen a specific granulometry and, most of all, devised the right combination of ingredients to develop scents, colours and tastes that delight the senses even when the tea is prepared with cold water.

Fruit Herbal Teas

Delicious, 100% natural recipes, ideal at any time of the day for a break bursting with flavour.

Each Infused Tea is made by combining a base of herbal plants, which give the drink body, with fruit and natural aromas, which produce its characteristic colour, taste and scent.

The result of this mix is a line of products full of a naturally sweet flavour, which can also be savoured plain, without sweeteners.

Herbal Teas

100% natural infused teas made only with two herbs. Taking its inspiration from the finest herbal culture, Bonomelli offers a range of products that combine the taste and function of two herbs with no other ingredients added. A line of infusions ideal for a herbal experience in its purest form.

Spiced Herbal Teas

The Bonomelli Master Blenders have studied specific 100% natural blends with a unique taste, where the warm and aromatic flavors of spices are combined with sweet and enveloping ingredients to reach maximum expression of the pleasure of the senses.

Tasty HerBal Teas

Special blends in which Noberasco dried fruit is combined with harmonious aromatic notes for a surprising taste. Made with 100% natural and calorie-free ingredients, they are ideal for small moments of daily pleasure and to end a meal in pure goodness.

A Memorable Experience

Every Bonomelli product is fruit of the efforts we invest daily in research, selecting the best ingredients, blending and packing our products, to offer consumers a unique, unforgettable experience. Every day Bonomelli creates special recipes in which natural goodness, functionality and taste combine to constantly offer all the pleasure of nature in a cup.