BONOMELLI recognises that respect for the environment and the improvement in its own environmental performance should be considered a priority for Management and for all company personnel.

With the aim of actively contributing to a sustainable development, BONOMELLI, through its Environmental Management System, is committed to:

• Maintaining compliance with current laws, regulations and other voluntary requirements adhered to by the organisation and pertinent to its environmental issues.

• Adequately monitoring and evaluating its environmental issues.

• Managing and reducing the direct and indirect environmental impacts associated with its activities, properly balancing sustainability of the planned activities and achievable results.

BONOMELLI's environmental management operates with a Life Cycle Perspective of its products, paying special attention to the environmental management of the supply chain.

In this context BONOMELLI, through the implementation of an Analysis of the Context in which it operates, has identified areas of intervention on which to focus improvement activities by identifying the following priorities:

• Orient management choices so as to encourage the adoption of sustainable strategies to limit the consumption of resources and prevent environmental pollution.

• Optimise the management of special waste produced by the various production cycles, seeking where possible to reuse, recycle and recover waste.

• Reduce environmental risks through targeted monitoring activities, control, organisation of responses to emergencies and adequate training of company personnel.

BONOMELLI ensures utmost transparency through specific environmental communication programs, availability and collaboration with its stakeholders (personnel, customers, suppliers, institutions etc.) that will be involved as much as possible, according to their abilities, in order to pursue the improvement of the management of environmental issues.

Zola Predosa, Bologna,


Senior Manager

Marco Giovanni FERRARI

Security Policy

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